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Small Groups


To create an interactive worship service which allows children, age 5 through age 12, to worship God in their own way.  Through songs, activities, and messages, children will develop and grow in their relationship with Christ and with each other. Contact Persons:  TBD.

New Member's Class

Discipleship of new converts and to acclimate new members to New Bethel Baptist Church, to our religious culture and way of life.  Contact Persons:  Reverend Williams L. Owens and Sister Ruby Cain.


To provide a safe and developmentally appropriate setting for children age birth through five during our regular worship service. Contact Person: TBD.

Post Master

To foster community by providing an opportunity to share good will in one of the most Holy times of the calendar year for the Christian community ~ Christmas. Contact Person:  Sister Myra Wilson.

Senior Ministry

To give support, information and opportunity to network, among our valuable senior (age 60+) congregants.  This ministry seeks to develop the minds and spiritual well-being of our seniors by building a supportive community that addresses their social, economic and educational needs. Committee Members:  Deacon Thomas Atkins, Sister Betty Atkins, Sister Bonnie Moorman and Sister Elinor Walker.

Single Ministry

To minister to the needs of single adults between the ages of 21 and 65 years old.  The Single Ministry is a welcoming, nurturing community that encourages Christ-centered growth, service and celebration. Committee Members: Carlos Dixon and Debbie Frazier.


To impact the lives of women in our church family and throughout the community in a positive way by providing retreats and workshops that will provide a rare opportunity to focus solely on the word of God.  In these settings, our relationship with God and with each other will be strengthened and our spirituality will be enhanced as we foster unity among our Christian sisters in Christ. Contact Persons:  Sister Mae Jones.


To help each and every young person grown personally and spiritually.  This ministry strives to provide a variety of opportunities and experiences to draw youth into active, responsible participation in the life, mission and work of the church. Contact Person: TBD.


To assist the church and Pastor in any effort or project that the church sponsors, providing Christian Education for the men of the church. Contact Person:  Deacon Charles Hunt.